More Reasons to Eat Fruit

Summer time is a great time to endulge in fresh fruit! Here are some great reasons to make fruit part of your diet this summer! Not only are they a great source of carbohydrates and fibre they also have some other added advantages!

1. Help calm your nervous system- Cherries
2. Relax blood vessels- Grapes
3. Control Heart Rate- Watermelon
4. Fight against aging and cancer- Strawberries
5. Increase bone mass – Kiwis
6. Increase energy levels- Bananas
7. Protect your heart – Blueberries
8. Protect against cancer- Mangos
9. Maintain great skin and vision- Oranges
10. Develop resistence against disease- Apples
11. Rich in potassium, fluoride and iron – Peaches

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