I  grew up on a dairy farm in Alberta, Canada and in my early teens became invested in my health and wellness.

Negative self thoughts lead me to believe I was over weight at a very early age. Headed into my teens I struggled with my weight and working out became a priority early in my life.

I truly believed I was FAT when realistically I was just slightly overweight! I tried about every diet out there including low carb. After completely screwing up my hormones on the Atkins diet I decided to throw in the “diet” towel and started exercising more to keep the weight off.

My transition to a lot of days travelling in my early 30’s as an editor for our family dairy cow publication, Cowsmopolitan, provided it’s challenges with too much fast food and unhealthy food choices. The introduction of more bread and pastas into my diet during this time lead me to quickly learn I had some serious food intolerance’s especially to wheat.

With the advice of natropathic doctors and taking a food sensitivity test along with the help of a Nutrition coach, I was able to identify some key ingredients for success. I became aware of the best ways to eat clean and healthy, manage my macro-nutrients and lose weight, while improving my gut health and ultimately put my allergies at bay.

Joining a Crossfit gym also increased my confidence and lead me to learning how to fuel my body instead of starving it. However soon I became obsessed with being 100% compliant I always felt the need to be that much leaner.

I was SOOO focused on my diet and exercise that I wouldn’t eat dessert or have a drink of alcohol and I was completely obsessed with tracking my food.

Over the last 10 years I have learned how to adapt to these challenges and through calorie cycling I am now am able to maintain my weight and live the lifestyle I want without crazy restrictions and tracking full time. Now as a NCI Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach, with a Mindset & Gut Health certification, I am able to help frustrated dieters navigate the challenges of peri-menopause and menopause to  reset their metabolism and get off the ever ending diet cycle.

My goal is to transform your body and energize your life!

Jamie Humber


The first part of my story may sound like I am bragging, in the way that I never had to worry about my weight. I was always very active and had a good metabolism, until …..!

This all changed in my mid 30’s when I injured myself at work. I was unable to continue to exercise and live an active lifestyle for a few years, due to a couple of compressed discs in my lower back. It was during this time that I came to understand the “struggle” and it didn’t happen overnight but I began to pack on the pounds.

Tying my shoes became an event and playing with my daughter a task! After seeing a photo of my daughter and I, I realized how far down the rabbit hole I was going! Now at 230 lbs and 27% bodyfat I knew it was time to do something!

We all have to start somewhere and that was the beginning for me! I started physical therapy and learned how to deal with my injuries while getting control of my diet all while juggling the responsibilities of being a single father and working in construction. Through a lot of hard work and watching my diet I was able to get my life back.

Fast forward to when Lexi became a big part of mine and my daughter’s life. Together our interests in health and nutrition has grown and developed. As part of Lexi’s Nutrition Coaching Certification I became one of her test subjects. Through this process I was able to pull off those last stubborn pounds and decrease 4% in body fat while maintaining muscle mass!