Create Healthy Habits – Not Restrictions!

Headed into the weekend and thinking about what you shouldn’t eat or drink? I used to be THAT girl! I never wanted to stray off my eating regimen for fear of gaining weight or feeling like I was stopping the progress I had made.

Fast forward to today and eventhough I’m not a big drinker and have to pay attention to my food sensitivities I do once and awhile indulge in more calories then I need or an icecream or dessert. .

I have to say my relationship with food is so much different now. I feel like I’m living a lifestyle. I never think of myself as being on a diet. I eat a lot of calories and never feel like I can’t step outside the box with severe consequences. Yes there are times I’m aiming for competition goals and I feel restricted but that is a completely different scenario and is only for windows of time. .

General rule of thumb my nutrition coach always tells us is to have a cheat meal NOT a cheat day and don’t have the attitude of oh well I already ate that so why bother worrying about the rest of the day!

Long story short create a lifestyle with healthy habits whether it is eating or otherwise! Always be prepared and don’t think restrictions! Have a good relationship with your food!

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