Food Awareness

So a couple days ago I posted a comparison of the Beyond Meat burger compared to actual ground beef on my Time for Health business page on Facebook.

After over 55000 people reached and 565 shares and a lot of comments I figure I should address the topic of what we are actually feeding our bodies.

This post was not to tell anyone that they needed to be a meat eater instead of a vegetarian because everyone has the right to choose what they eat. BUT it was to show people the ingredients so they could see the difference between a processed food compared to real food which in this case and with a lot of others is the sodium.

Too many people these days go for the quick and easy route of pickup premade dinners at the grocery store or at the closest fast food outlet or food substitutes but don’t read the labels or consider the calories, fat, sodium or ingredients!

Always remember that how you feed your body is completely reflective of how your feels and looks, how your brain functions and most importantly your overall state of mind and well being.

I live true to my roots of being a farm kid and believe that real food grown by farmers that is fresh is still the best way to go for the majority of my daily calorie intake.

Next time you opt for that fast option consider ordering a week ahead from where we cook from scratch use top quality ingredients and have a very diverse menu with reasonable pricing.