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The owner for Time for Health, Lexi Wright grew up on a dairy farm and in her early teens became invested in her health and wellness.  Struggling with her weight as a kid working out became a priority early in life.  Her transition to a lot of days traveling in her early 30’s as an editor for her family dairy cow publication, Cowsmopolitan provided it’s challenges with too much fast food and unhealthy food choices.  The introduction of more bread and pastas into her diet during this time lead her to quickly learn she had some serious food allergies especially to wheat.  Through the advice of naturopathic doctors, food sensitivity tests and the help of her Nutrition coach (Abby Bargholz – Vital Nutrition & Performance) Lexi was able to identify some of the best ways to eat clean and healthy and manage her macronutrients while putting her allergies at bay.  These experiences lead her to experimenting with food and cooking meals that still taste good!

Lexi has adapted to and continues to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and continues to enjoy her time as a Crossfit Level I Trainer and competitor.  Her goal is to bring health, wellness and fitness tips along with life lessons to you each week!

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