We ALL Have Choices

Hot topic today! How bout the differences between fast food and a home made healthy meal choices!

When you are looking for something quick take this into consideration! ? Lets compare CALORIES first. ??A CheeseBurger and fries from your typical fast food restaurant contains approximately 800 to 1600 calories. ⏰A Time for Health homemade meal contains from 400 to 800 calories depending on the size you pick.

? Now lets compare FOOD VALUE because realistically if you are trying not to gain weight food choices are a REALLY big deal!
??A burger you get protein, dairy, alot of added sugar if you use ketchup, and alot of non fiberious starch.
⏰Time fof Health you get a variety of choices of protein, no refined sugar, gluten friendly, starch options (potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, pasta, quinoa) and VEGETABLES! Fibre definitely comes into play!
?Now lets talk SODIUM. Did you know recommended daily intake for an adult should not exceed 2300mg per DAY! If you have a heart condition you should be under 1500mg!!!
?? Burger fries combo is an average of 510 to 1400mg if sodium.
⏰ Time for Health does not exceed 800mg on any meals and averages closer to 450mg

?Now lets talk FAT
?? Burger fries you are looking at 30 to 65% fat
⏰Time for Health no meals exceed 50% (ground beef) and average closer to 30%

?Now lets talk about EFFECTS to your BODY!
Really one thing to say about this garbage in means GARBAGE OUT!
??Burgers/fries yep totally can hit it on the fly
⏰Time for Health – be prepared order a few meals each week to have on hand! They get delivered right to your door every single week!
So think about taking an extra 10 mins on Friday and order 3 to 5 meals for the upcoming week! Your body and your hectic schedule will thank you for it! .
ALWAYS remember you have CHOICES!