Prepare Your Mind

Enlarge Your Vision

Monday vibes coming your way!

If you haven’t done so already take 15 or 20 minutes to make a to do list for the week!

With all the things we have going on in our lives this small task can make a HUGE difference to making our weeks positive and really productive!

I always try to make my list on Sundays with a plan or attack for my week. Sure it doesn’t always go exactly as planned but that planning goes along way to making my week much more successful!

Part of that plan is always figuring out my plan of attack for training for the week as well as meals for the week. My cook days on Tuesday often provide me with some left over protein and I always make sure I cook extra rice to have on hand for my meals during week. Fresh vegetables and fruit on hand is key!

Planning is something that has helped me always accomplish my goals no matter what profession I have been in.

Always remember you have the option to shop