Passion for Health

Lexi Wright

The owner for Time for Health has a great passion for health and nutrition.  Lexi does not believe in “dieting” she believes in eating good quality food in moderation with the right breakdown of macro-nutrients.  Her philosophy has changed from her late teens and early 20s when she tried the Atkins diet and other fad diets.

Today Lexi uses a nutrition coach (Abby Bargholz – Vital Nutrition & Performance) to help her obtain her goals when it comes to competing in Crossfit.  However, she admits the biggest benefits she has seen out of her interaction with a coach is learning how to eat enough of the right calories with the proper macro-nutrient ratios (carbohydrates, fats and protein).  This way of eating is now a chosen lifestyle, NOT a diet, that is easy to maintain no matter where she is and it provides her with the energy, strength and mental focus to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Her goal is to bring quality healthy fresh food options that taste good to your home every week! Photo Credit White Creek Ranch Photography

My goal is to bring quality fresh food options that taste good to peoples homes each week!  I want people to realize that eating healthy does not have to be boring!  My companies motto is Healthy, Fresh and Ready to go!

– Lexi Wright – Time for Health Owner