Food Substitutes

Have you ever been KNEE deep in a recipe and realize oh crap I dont have that? Well here is a quick ✔list of substitutes you can use that you will likely already have in your pantry!

1. Oil – and or other fats is ?applesauce. The consistency of the apple sauce keeps any baked good moist just like the oil would but with less fat.
2.Vinegar- ?Lemon Juice the acidity of the lemon mimics that of the vinegar.
3. Cree fraiche- Heavy cream and plain yogurt can be mixed together to substitute crème fraiche
4. Mayo – sour cream or plain yogurt
5. Chicken Broth- Bouillon Cube
6.? Milk- Dairy Free substitute like almond or cashew beverage
7. Baking Powder – Baking Soda & Cream of Tartar together
8. Butter- Vegetable Shortening
9. Brown Sugar – Sugar & Molasses – for refined sugar free I use Coconut Sugar!
10. Bread Crumbs – use crushed crackers or for a GF option Panko Bread crumbs OR ground up GF oats
11. Sour Cream- Yogurt
12. Buttermilk – Milk and Lemon Juice combined
13. Pastry Flour- Cake & All Purpose flour or GF Baking flour
14. Molasses – use dark corn syrup
15. Cream of Tartar- white vinegar and lemon juice
16. Tomato Sauce- Tomato paste and water
17. Nutmeg – use Cinnamon
18. Sugar- honey, maple syrup or agave
19. Soy Sauce- Tamari (GF), Liquid Aminos (GF & Soyfree)
20. ?Eggs – ground flaxseed

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